About Temple

This Swayambhu Shiva Temple is situated in Manganam Village in the Kottayam Dist. of Kerala State.It is believed that this temple is about one thousand years old and the original idol is "Swayambhu" (Self Originated). It is also believed that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi lives here happily and performing of special Poojas here removes obstacles in Marriages.

Origin of the Temple(Udbhavam)

The Temple is owned and maintained by Plappally Illom in Manganam Village.It is believed that once a Tribal Woman was searching for "Arrow Root" on the western side of Pllappally Illom with the help of an Iron Rod. Suddenly the rod struck a stone and blood started flowing from the stone. The Tribal woman suddenly felt a" Divine Presence" in the stone and immediately informed the people of Plappally Illom and disappeared into the river flowing nearby.It is also believed that this woman was none other than Goddess Parvathi transformed as a Tribal woman to show the presence of this "Divine Stone" to the people of Plappally Illom. This Tribal woman is also worshiped as a Goddess in the eastern side of the Temple.

At a time, the temple was with all the glory and the festivals were conducted grandly in the proper Vedic tradition. But later, due to so many reasons the belongs of Plappilli Illam & Temple were lost & temple and Illam suffered financially. This resulted in deterioration of the regular programs & tradition of temple.

The temple became very old and was in need of immediate structure refurbishment. The devotees lined up with Plappilli Illam to renovate the temple and they made it possible to have the present day temple. Still the works are on going and many more are to be done to bring the temple to a “Poornakaya Maha Kshethram” (a fully structured grand temple according to Vedic Norms). As stated, there is a long way to go and indeed financial & physical cooperation from the devotees are requested to accomplish those. The transformation of the temple to “Poornakaya Maha Kshethram” would bring more prosperity to the devotees & Mangaanam Desam as a whole. The Temple Trust would like to appeal to the devotees to participate & help the renovations and upgrades which are being done at the temple.

UPADEVATHAS (Additional "Prathistas" of the temple)

Parathur Thevar

Once upon a time,an elderly Priest from Plappally illom used to perform Pooja to Lord Subramanya in a place called "PARATHUR" every day. But due to old age he was not able to travel daily to PARATHUR and so he brought the worshiping idol of Lord Subramanya to Thevarkunnu,and installed it there.Hence this "Prathista of Lord Subramanya is also known as "Parathur Thevar"

Goddess Bhadrakali

Goddess Bhadrakali is one of the Main Worshiping Goddess of plappally illom and so Goddess Bhadrakali is also being worshiped in this Temple.


Snake god Nagarajan and Snake Goddess Nagayakshi is also worshiped here.

Rakshas(Holy Spirit)

Once upon a time there was an elderly person in plappally illom with Divine powers.After his death he has become a" HOLY SPIRIT" with Divine powers.He is also worshiped here as "RAKSHAS".